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With our economy in turmoil, health care laws changing and declining insurance reimbursements, physicians will have to adopt more efficient business practices to increase profits.  One way to reduce overhead and increase profitability is by outsourcing their insurance processing and medical billing. Many office's outstanding receivables grow tremendously every year and annual bad-debt write-offs become routine. This is where Genesis Billing & Solutions Inc. comes in.   We will handle the hassle of getting the insurance companies to pay, follow-up on unpaid claims and patient collections, and increase your annual profits.

Because of turnovers in personnel, the billing staff of the average medical office is inexperienced and costly mistakes are made. At Genesis Billing and Solutions, we dedicate 100% of our time and energy to collecting from insurance companies and patients.  Most offices don't have the time or manpower to process denials in a timely fashion and it's one of the largest sources of lost money in a medical office. With over 20 years experience in the medical billing field we can help your office operate more efficiently and increase profits

Genesis Billing & Solutions can make a world of difference in your office's efficiency and profitability. Let us bill for you today.

"Our practice has used Genesis Billing & Solutions, Inc. for over a year and a half. The staff is very knowlegable and efficient in regards to medical billing and coding. They stay up to date with all changes that take place in their field, making them very effective in getting our claims paid in a timely manner. Their staff goes the extra mile to ensure that the needs of my practice are met or exceeded. I am very satisfied with Genesis Billing & Solutions, Inc. and would highly recommend the services they perform to anyone."

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